The Lord's Lighthouse

I started attending First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood in late 2004. Up until 2014 I'd help serve every Sunday afternoon at the Lord's Lighthouse, a program which provides free meals to the needy of the Hollywood community. In latter years I became the floor director, making sure the distibution of food went smoothly.


In it's infancy the Lighthouse was run by the Salvation Army and the church allowed it to use it's facilities. Today the Lord's Lighthouse is run and supported by FPCH. Neighboring churches and folks from the community are encouraged and welcomed to join in serving the meals.

Sunday afternoon luncheon
Sunday serving line

Every Sunday meal is prepared Saturday morning by "the crew" a dedicated group of hardworking individuals who deserve a lot more applause then they normally get. The folks that prepare the food are the backbone of The Lord's Lighthouse and they're some of the greatest people one could ever meet. It's been a great honor and an incredible opportunity for me to help serve along side of some really terrific people.

Out on Yucca next to the 101 freeway
Out on Yucca, the enterance to The Lord's Lighthouse

HUNC, The Hollywood United Neighborhood Council

In 2008 I had a chance to work along side Hollywood Reporter writer, Carly Mayberry in creating a newsletter prototype for HUNC, The Hollywood United Neighborhood Council. Carly worked with HUNC part time while they held their monthly meetings at FPCH. I created this new logo for HUNC to be used as the heading for their new newsletter. This too was voluntary on my part.

Carly had a chance to interview Hollywood Ambassador and Paramount Producer, A.C. Lyles at his office at Paramount Studios. She interviewed him for the story she used in our first edition of the "HUNC REPORT" the name which I gave to the newsletter. I went along with her and took the photo of A.C. in his office, he had some incredible stories to tell, come to find out, A.C. was close friends with former President Ronald Reagan. So I took the opportunity to do an illustration of both he and Reagan wearing cowboy hats and boots and incorporated that into my design. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with such a seasoned writer as Carly.

The HUNC REPORT, front page
The HUNC REPORT, back page

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