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Our Director, Paula Goodman, at Art Center Kids informed the faculty that the LA Times was looking for teachers in our program who would be interested in writing a column in the "California Classroom" part of the Calendar Section for the newspaper. We would be creating projects for kids based on projects our students had done in our classes. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity even if I was just ghost writing to support our program.

Calendar Section

August 23, 2006
Nicolas Cho, 10

Nicolas Cho was one of my students in my very first "Supersize Me" class in 2005. You can see all the other student projects on my "Supersize Me" page. My class that year was featured on the cover of the Art Center Kids brochure, unlike the other classes my students were all sitting on the floor.

Calendar Section

January, 2007

I only wrote two colmuns for the LA Times, Calendar Section (newspaper). At that time they were revising their website,, and I was given the opportunity to write a column for their newly revised "Reading Room" section. This piece was entitled, "What's in a Face."

New Years 2006

In 2006 I had two summer workshops. One class had quite a few students in it and I decided to do something different with their class project. Art Center had a New Years Card Competition that summer and I had all my students in the largest class do individual pieces that I would combine together when they were done. A young girl did this piece here which was used to illustrate my first and only column for

What's in a Face?

LA Times, Sunday Comic Section II

Though my writing for the LA Times was short lived, the newspaper continued to print some of my student's projects in their Sunday Comic ll Section in a spot called the Creative Corner. There weren't any designed projects associated with the kid's artwork in the Sunday paper just examples of artwork done by kids form all over which were juxtaposed with some of their creative writing projects, which I thought was interesting.

The Invisible Island
Holy Crud!
Alien From Saturn

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