LA Opera 2006

Thanks to Paula Goodman, Director of ArtCenter Kids, I had an incredible opportunity to work with Sandy Ssufret at the LA Opera for two seasons in their educational program. My first run with them came in 2006 working on Figaro's American Adventure. Evidently they were in need of a workshop teacher to travel to 15 different LA schools in one week to instruct 1,000 students on how to make a "tricorner hat" which would be worn by students as a costume piece as they performed in the LA Opera production at their schools. Sandy informed me that they had a bit of problem and I'd have to solve before I got started. Over the years the directions on how to make the hat were lost and in prior years some workshop instructors had a horrific time trying to make this hat on their own. Hm . . . what a challenge! I was able to solve their problem and I gave them an illustrated, step by step instructions on how to make the hat. Everything was a big sucess. I attended a performance at one of the schools out in the San Fernando Valley, it was absolutely great. My hat's off to the LA Opera and it's educational program.

The "Tricorner Hat"

My first big challenge was to remake the "Tricorner Hat" so it made sense and wouldn't fall apart. I then made step by step illustrated instructions for the Opera to keep for future productions. Figaro's American Adventure was once again a big sucess and we celebrated after it was over.


Instructions page one

Tricorner Hat page 1

Instructions page two

"Tricorner Hat page two

Figaro's Workshop Adventure

It was one crazy week trying to find my way to fifteen different schools in greater Los Angeles. It went pretty good considering all the pressure to make sure 1,000 students were able to make their hats. The teachers at the schools were absolutely great and they were a real big help in keeping everything under control. It was fun.

"Figaro's American Adventure" the Opera

I was blown away at how good the kids did. It was obvious they were having a great time performing in the opera. The show I went to out in the San Fernando Valley was terrific. I applaud the LA Opera for all they do with local schools, what a great program.

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