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My experience as a muralist started when I began working with a small oufit called Adrem Creative Services in Hollywood, CA in the early 90's. Most of the mural work I did with Adrem was for advertisement agencies. Our clients, at that time, included Miller High Life, Korean Airlines, Ikea, FM 92 the Beat. All the murals were painted by hand in oil and drawn out on the buildings using a simple grid. We had to strap parachute harnesses on which were clipped to safety lines that were secured on the top of the building in case the rigging fell. The motorized "plank" we used to scale the building walls was provided by Spider Scaffolding. The mural experience would later turn out to be an inspiration for me when I designed an illustration class called "Supersize Me" for the Art Center Kid's Program at Art Center College of Design. The 1990's brought new inovation to the advertisement mural industry as the advancement of oversized computer printing made hand painted signage a lot less popular.

Adrem Creative Services

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I created my signature logo in 1990 and a variation of it was first used in print in 1997.

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