Welcome! This page of my website is dedicated to trade work projects that I've done over the past twenty years for family and friends. I consider the trade work I do as a service to the community. I purposely keep my rates affordable to help those who many not have the financial capability to pay a contractor or designer. My past work experiences include, custom furniture making, finish carpentry, cabinetry, electrical (commercial and residential), commercial and residential painting, and plumbing. My trade experience, and my art/design background, have given me the ability to custom design, create and problem solve with a considerable depth. Most projects I do are turned into photo collages which I give free to my clients to document specific jobs and their process. Please feel free to browes through my work. If you have an idea or if you'd like work done or if you'd like to run something by me, please contact me at joseph.powell@me.com. Thanks.



Three Doggy Bed Platform

My friends Wendi and Joe, who live in a mid-century modern home in Sherman Oaks, have three little dogs – Iggy, a black, hairless, Chinese Crested – Daisy, a miniture Pinscher and Rufus, a miniture Yorkshire Terrier. They all have their own little oval, heated beds they sleep in on the floor. Wendi wanted an elevated platform built that would hold all three doggy beds. She wanted to be able to throw in blankets and toys and pick the whole thing up off the floor without getting hair, dust and doggy smell all over her. Here's how it came together.



Iggy, Daisy, Rufus, December, 2012

Sprinkler Valve Cabinet

My friends Kristen and Vinny in the West Adams District wanted a covering for their sprinkler valves in the backyard of their craftsman home. We decided to do a craftsman style cabinet with an opening in the back that would cover the sprinkler valves. I wanted it to be sturdy enough that they could use it to store things inside, yet light enough they could move it easily. Here's how it all came together.


Custom Wooden Screen Doors

My friend Vicky owns a two story craftsman home in South Pasadena. On the second story on the front of the house she had reinstalled some french doors where a window used to be overlooking a roof deck. She did this to match another set of double french doors that looked out on the same deck from an adjacent bedroom.

She couldn't find the old screen doors so I made some new ones to match the existing ones on the other bedroom. Here's how it all turned out.


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