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Warner Brothers Cartoon Charatcers

Funny Story

Years ago some people at Warner Brothers wanted to see my portfolio, so I gave it to them. They asked me if I could draw some of their cartoon characters. I said, "Sure, I can do that." So I gave them this drawing. The only reply I got was, "Our characters wouldn't be holding guns." Gee wiz, that wasn't the point, but hey didn't Wile e Coyote use dynamite to get the Roadrunner and who can forget Elmer Fud, he always carried a shotgun trying to get Bugs? Who were they trying to kid? Anyway I thought it was kind of fun, besides, California's still the wild west last time I checked.

About Me

Full name: Joseph William Powell Jr.

Birthplace: Westfield, Massachusetts, 1964

College: Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA

Degree: BFA Commercial Illustration

Residence: Los Angeles, California

Employer: Art Center College of Design, Kid's Program

I am presently residing in Los Angeles, CA. I'm self-employed most of the time. Since 2005 I've been teaching an illustration class I designed called "Supersize Me" and beginning 2012, a "Portrait-Self Portrait" class for the Art Center Kid's Program at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in the summertime. 

As for my private life, I enjoy my extra free time writing and illustrating children's stories. I'm optimistic about the future knowing that the challenges that lie ahead can spawn new ideas and opportunities.

My Logo

I created my signature logo in 1990 and a variation of it was first used in print in 1997.

Email Me

You can contact me by emailing me at: joseph.powell@me.com

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You can check out my profile page on talenthouse.com by clicking on the green talenthouse logo right here. All are welcome.

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Pasadena Artists Registry

I now have a profile page on The Pasadena Artists Registry for those who are looking to hire me for projects in Pasadena, just click on the city seal above. When there click on "search for artists' and put in my name Joseph Powell. Please feel free to browse.

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